iOS Nike+ heart rate monitor support most likely an iOS 4.2 addition later this year (Updated)

by Justin Horn on Aug 31st, 2010 @ 1:58 pm

UPDATE iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod confirmed for November

UPDATE 2 As execpted Nike+ HRM support did not appear in iOS 4.1 GM, but there is a strong chance it will be in iOS 4.2.

We reported a couple weeks ago that iOS heart rate monitor (HRM) support was coming this fall. Logically I assumed (or wishful thinking?) this would fit nicely with the final iOS 4.1 release. As of beta 3, released August 3, there was no support, but I was hoping to see it introduced in beta 4. It’s been almost a month since beta 3 was released and with the fall event scheduled for tomorrow, there is basically no chance we’ll see this in iOS 4.1.

If not in iOS 4.1, I thought we might be waiting till iOS 5 for support. Remember there was no iOS 3.2 release last year (not counting the special iPad only version) and this isn’t something you’d see in a small iOS 4.1.1 update. However, I did suggested there was a small chance for an iOS 4.2 release later this year, which could definitely include HRM support.

John Gurber suggest, due to the lack of iOS 4.1 iPad beta, there is a good chance for a 4.2 update later this year:

As for the iPad, no, I don’t think 4.1 is going to be released for it. iOS 4.2, coming late in the calendar year, is a more likely unification release for all iOS devices. Think about it — how can Apple release iOS 4.1 for the iPad next week if they haven’t released a single beta for developers?

This makes sense a lot of sense and backs up my hopes for a possible iOS 4.2 release for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This update would happen before years end and still fits in with the fall prediction, which covers from early September (labor day) through late December (around the 20th).

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