iPhone 5 cellular usage while on WIFI bug affects AT&T users as well

by Justin Horn on Oct 1st, 2012 @ 7:24 pm

AppleInsider is now reporting that the bug affecting Verizon customers may also be affecting AT&T and Sprint as well. This makes perfect sense to me after I ran into some weird data issues on iPhone launch day. Here’s my story…

I was out of town in NYC when the iPhone 5 came out, so I sent my preorder to a friend’s office in Manhattan.  So after getting the phone around 12:30PM I went over to Brother Jimmy’s on Lex to have lunch and setup my new phone. I did just the basic activation over mobile data, then I found a free, fast WIFI, thanks to NYU Langone Medical Center. I setup as a new phone, so didn’t do a big iCloud restore. Once on WIFI, I just started downloading apps and a few albums of music from iTunes Match.

Within a few hours of my initial setup, I got a 65% usage warning text on my 2GB plan. I thought it was a bug, so didn’t think about it too much. Then a little while later I got the 90% warning. Then for some strange reason I got another  65% warning. That was promptly followed up about 15 minutes later by a 100% warning.

Checking the data usage on my phone it looks like I actually did burn through a lot of data, even though I was on WIFI for most of the setup process.

I posted this on Twitter about 8PM on launch day, although most of that usage was done within less than 2 hours:

 Um, think I’m going to have an expensive cell phone bill this month. Activated as a new phone at 12:30 EST. it’s 8:30PM

Now it gets even weirderer, 10 days later (still in same billing cycle), my data usage on the AT&T iPhone app shows only 500 MB out of the 2GB.  I’m thinking AT&T may have know about the problem and done some sort of reset? As of right now, my phone is showing about 2.1 GB of data usage since I setup the phone. So I guess I’ll find out what’s going to happen with my data usage in a few days when I get the bill for this past cycle. I’ll update the post when that happens.

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