Google Maps traffic now provides car accident details

by Justin Horn on Apr 8th, 2009 @ 11:35 am

Google has been doing traffic for a while now and works pretty well, but I just recently noticed that they now include accident information. They also added a new level of “slowness”, with black/red combo replacing red as the slowest. Not exactly sure when they added the accident info, but I’m a tech nerd and I just found it so I figured not all of our readers have seen this yet.

I can confirm that the accident reports seem very accurate as the blocked road accident was dead on. My Mom happen to be driving on that road at the time and had to drive on the shoulder as they had both lanes blocked off and there was someone on a stretcher.

google-traffic google-traffic-2
Google provides us with the cross streets, road blockages, and other details like injuries.

Traffic view on iPhone at same
time as above Google Maps Traffic…
No Map App traffic update in 3.0 beta yet

After seeing walking / public transit directions added to Google Maps last year, I speculated we would see them in the next iPhone update. I was a bit early as 2.1 didn’t include it, but  just 2 months after my wild speculation it was seen in the iPhone 2.2 beta 2…and about a month after that the final 2.2 was released to the public.So I’m hoping my luck sticks and we see the new accident info included in iPhone 3.0 firmware!

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