AT&T bumps up the upgrade eligibility date for iPhone 4 buyers

by Justin Horn on Nov 3rd, 2011 @ 12:26 am

Just saw a Tweet from Neven Mrgan stating that those who had a November 25 upgrade eligibility date (the ones that bought iPhone 4 on release date) are now eligible to buy an iPhone 4S at full discounted price, about a month early. I just checked on my girlfriend’s account and confirmed this myself. Not sure if this only applies to those who had the November 25th date, or if it goes beyond that, so if you were close go check it!

(via @mrgan)

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  1. [...] So just a few years ago AT&T was moving up the full upgrade eligibility date by as much as 3 months. Even for the iPhone 4 they bumped it up a bit. [...]

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