mythbusters evens the score on the iPod for zune fans

by Justin Horn on Nov 6th, 2008 @ 5:59 pm

Well even though this is an apple site, we like to keep it as fair and balanced as possible. In order to make up for the recent NBC Zune bashing with Chuck and then the next day with Conan O’Brien we bring you a clip of the latest MythBusters. This clips involves a ballistics dummy, an iPod, and an AK-47. The guys were testing a myth based on a report from a soldier being saved by his MP3 player while in combat.

One interesting thing I have noticed with MythBusters in general is their lack of product placement. You will see in the clip they refer to the iPod the whole time as an “MP3 player”. I’ve also seen them cover up the MacBook on the inside of the MacBook and the logo on the back. They do the same for their dell laptops, even though anyone with half a brain knows what they all are.

Here is the clip, but I warn apple lovers this isn’t easy to watch, but the Zune fans will enjoy it immensely!

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