Apple Television Set?

by Justin Horn on Jun 22nd, 2011 @ 12:28 pm


According to the source Apple plans to “blow Netflix and all those other guys away” by bundling Apple TV + iTunes inside physical television sets.  According to the source Apple is teaming up with a major supplier (our guess would be Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.), to provide the physical televisions, which will be rebranded as Apple television sets.

I used to have this in the same rumor bin as the iPhone nano, so a few months ago when a friend told me Apple Television sets were coming out in this year, I just nodded and said, “we’ll see”. I hadn’t read any rumors about an Apple Television set at all and that made it even more far fetched. There were rumors flying around for years about an Apple tablet before the iPad was unveiled.

He said an acquaintance (not sure if it’s a family friend or what, it was a while ago and don’t remember the details) that works for Apple told him about it. I told him the Apple retail employees don’t know anything about unreleased products, but he said it was someone on a higher pay grade. Since then I haven’t really thought about it much.

Now after reading this, I’m starting to come around. Guess I’ll have to see if my friend can get any more info out of this “source”.

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