apple store dadeland, grand opening!

by Justin Horn on Nov 8th, 2008 @ 7:20 pm

The latest apple store to open was in my own backyard, dadeland mall in Miami, Florida. The turnout was better than I expected with all the doom and gloom about the economy and such. The line stretched back pretty far and held until about an hour after the doors opened.  The free Ts lasted about the same.

So here we go! 5…4…3…2…1!

More pictures after the break!

The lucky ones towards the front of the line

…the line continues…

…and the not so lucky end of the line guy

Welcome to the Apple Store, Dadeland

You would have thought high five guy was first in line…he wasn’t

I swear apple pumps their employees full of caffeine (or something stronger?) before big product releases and store openings! Extreeeeeeeme!!! :)

Hey look, Miami-Dade police, just like on Dexter. At one point mall security walked up to check out the situation…I was tempted to tell him that the guys with the hand guns had things covered, but I controlled myself

Free tshirts, get them while they’re hot!

Here’s mine!

And a little while after the opening we have this…we are still in a recession right?

People checking out the cool stuff

Macbook pros

Got to love the airs, too bad I can’t afford one

The standard nano-chromatic display we have all come to love

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