Hack to get AirPrint back in OS X 10.6.5

by Justin Horn on Nov 11th, 2010 @ 12:53 am

Steven Troughton-Smith:

The files you need are:

If you migrate those from a 10.6.5 prerelease build (there seem to be many floating around torrent sites and file sharing sites – build 10H542 works; naturally I can’t link you to the files themselves, sorry!) to your machine you’re just one step away from having AirPrint working.

The final key thing is you have to remove and re-add your printer in the Print & Fax preferences pane. Once you do that (and share your printer in the Sharing preferences pane) it should show up on any iOS devices that support AirPrint.

Still don’t understand why Apple would remove this, but at least there is a work around…if you can get your hands on the beta files.

(via iClarified)

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iOS 4.2 beta 1 printing on iPhone 4 walkthrough [Video]

by Justin Horn on Sep 15th, 2010 @ 5:20 pm

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UPDATE If you want to see 3 more pictures of my girlfriend (pictured in this walkthrough) from an old 3GS launch article click here, she’s the one in the When Will Apple tshirt of course.

A walkthrough of printing from iOS devices, which Apple has named AirPrint.

View a photo and tap the bottom left arrow icon to bring up the action menu.

Tap select printer to search the network for available printers.

Currently my HP Photosmart plus isn’t directly compatible, but using the new Snow Leopard sharing feature it was able to find it. If I turn sharing off on my MacBook, the printer then disappears showing “No Printers Found”.

After selecting the printer, just tap print and you’re done.

The finish product! Yes, that photo paper is old and I need to dust of my printer.

UPDATE I guess the photo paper wasn’t that bad, just put it in on the wrong side and that’s why all the ink rubbed off on my hand. Ooops!

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