Hoping one day I can download iOS apps without returning home

by Justin Horn on Mar 16th, 2012 @ 10:26 am

Does it annoy anyone else that every time you buy and app it takes you out of the app store and back to the home screen to watch a progress bar? No? Well what’s wrong with you, it’s super annoying? If you answer yes, there is some hope that this may change in the future (probably not though).

I hadn’t downloaded Purchased apps for the app store in a while, but when setting up my new iPad (since I did it as new) I was downloading my apps using this method and to my surprise I was able to quickly go through the list tapping the download button next to each app while staying in the app store. The icon just changed to [Installing] then [Installed], making it quite easy to get all my old apps back on my new iPad.  Sadly updating and installing first time downloads still takes you back to the home screen.

Why does Apple do this? My guess for new apps is to see where your new app’s home is on the home screen.  I think it’s unnecessary, but what do I know?  Why they do it for updating apps is anyone’s guess, although it’s not quite as annoying for updates as it is when you are shopping around in the app store.

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