So I forgot there was an Apple Mac event today

by Justin Horn on Oct 20th, 2010 @ 10:21 am

I didn’t forget the “Back to Mac” all together, but had no idea it was today. I’m sure most Apple bloggers remember when events are coming up, but for some reason it just slipped my mind until my fellow When Will Apple writer Chiyin reminded me. I understand this is just my personal experience, but I think it’s indicative of where technology is moving. Mac is the past, iOS is the future.

I remember reading many years ago that the desktops days were numbered and laptops were the future, which the numbers later backed up. Now it seems it’s happening all over again, but this time moving from “bulky” laptops, like the MacBook Air,  to smaller tablet devices, like the iPad. I believe Apple is in the strongest position in this new market, even more so then they are with the traditional laptop market, and that’s got a lot of other companies scrambling to exist in this new future.

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