Apple admitting flawed antenna design by giving out free bumpers?

by Justin Horn on Jul 16th, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

John Siracusa of ArsTechnica:

Were I allowed one more follow-up, I would have pointed out that Apple’s proposed solution, its bumper case, provides just a thin layer of rubber and plastic between the antenna and the user’s hand. If that actually mitigates the problem, as Apple claims, then it’s clear that even a thin layer between the user’s hand and the antenna can make a big difference.

Apple claims the external antenna is their best design yet. Hinting that skin contact doesn’t matter as all phones suffer fromĀ attenuation (and here are a bunch of videos to back that up). If this is the case, then as John Siracusa points out, doesn’t it seem a bit odd for them to give out bumpers? Especially when all the bumpers do is bring the iPhone 4 in line with the signal attenuation of other phones.

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