Video: iPhone 4 signal issue and how it varies by network coverage

by Justin Horn on Jun 25th, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

I first noticed this effect while doing my bumper test yesterday. Basically while in the sweet spot of my house my signal starts and stays at 5 bars even while holding the iPhone 4 in my left hand. When I walk about 10 feet away from this spot my left hand degrades the signal to 1 bar.

Even though this is a very small scale test, just moving from room to room in a house, I believe the same effect is happening on a larger scale. The people that aren’t experiencing the issue get this “sweet spot” everywhere they’ve been with the phone so far. I explained this theory in more detail in my last post on the issue, iPhone 4 left hand signal loss dependant on the quality of your 3G coverage.

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