WWDC date to be announced tomorrow?

by Justin Horn on Apr 27th, 2010 @ 12:55 am

UPDATE WWDC 2010 June 7 – 11

Gruber fit the following tweet into his stream tonight, in between the Gizmodo/Gawker tweets:

Sorry, I’m too busy with this Gizmodo/Gawker legal thing to coyly hint that WWDC will be announced tomorrow.

For Gruber to say this, I think it’s 100% guaranteed. Now the question is when will it be? I’m going with June 15th, but I’m wrong 100% the time.

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  1. [...] like Gruber was right, WWDC 2010 was announced today for June 7 – 11th. So we only have to wait about 5 [...]

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