More possible Nike+ changes in iPhone OS 4 (updated)

by Justin Horn on Apr 13th, 2010 @ 6:14 pm

UPDATE Beta 2 effects both of these points. For the home button, it’s now back to a single click on the lock screen. Talking on the phone does pause the call as before, but you are able to resume you workout while still on the phone call.

As Nike+ on OS 4 is still a beta and buggy, so there is no telling if these other changes are features or just bugs that will be removed before final release.

As discussed previously you can now sync with Nike+ website over the phone. ¬†I’ve now discovered 2 more changes.

Press home button on lock screen twice to hear progress update

Currently while in the lock screen with Nike+ pressing the home button will give you and update on your distance, time, and pace. In the new version you press it once which just brings the phone screen to life, but then requires a second press of the home button for the progress report. I like this feature as sometimes I don’t want to hear an update, but just check the time, read a text, etc. There is a good chance this one is just a bug as the lock screen only gives the iPod controls when using the iPod with Nike+, although when not using the iPod app it worked using the double tap method every time.

Talk on the phone, without pausing your workout

This is one is pretty self explanatory. I guess it makes sense to pause the workout when on the phone, but using a wireless headset I could easy talk and jog at the same time. This could also be a bug as when you leave the Nike+ app, the red bar at the top, similar to the green bar while on a phone call does not show up. The other side to that argument is that with the new background apps, there will no longer be a red bar for Nike+ and instead you can use the multitasking bar to return to the app.

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