iPad launch: Apple Store, The Falls in Miami

by Justin Horn on Apr 3rd, 2010 @ 9:09 am

Didn’t pick up an iPad today, but went to check out the goings-on at Apple Store, The Falls. Normally we head out to Miami Beach to get our iPhone and record the events, but since I didn’t have $500 + tax in my wallet we decided to keep it closer to home.

The line was pretty short, but makes sense considering you could order it and have it delivered this afternoon without having to get up at, quoting Modern Family, “6 AM or forget it”. They were playing some tunes for the line, starting with “It’s a beautiful day”, followed by a lot of Beatles’s songs. It was nice to see so many adults excited about their new “toy”. I use the quotes because we know it isn’t a toy…right!

Apple Store, The Falls

It’s a nice day out here. Oh, and I convinced that dude on the bottom left of the photo to get an iPad. He got in line after taking pictures.

Meet iPad…hi iPad with palm tree reflection

Employees return to the store after greeting customers in line

And the first customer out the door with her brand new iPad

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