Verizon Skype app gotchas!

by Justin Horn on Mar 25th, 2010 @ 10:54 am

The new, much anticipated, Skype app for Verizon mobile phones was released today. The release feels like a stab in the back for iPhone users who have been waiting for 2 months to get 3G VOIP calling. The good news for iPhone users is we don’t have to feel that bad because there are a couple big gotchas with the Verizon app.

Gotcha 1

Back in mid February PCWorld asked the following question:

Are there any gotchas? On paper, this whole deal sounds…suspiciously enticing. The better Skype Mobile works, the more likely it is that lots of Verizon customers will do most (or all?) of their calling using it. Even if Skype cut Verizon in on any revenue it made, that couldn’t be good for Verizon’s bottom line.

It turns out PCWorld had it wrong, it’s more likely that Verizon is kicking back to Skype rather than the other way around. All calls placed within the US via the Skype app are actually billed out of your regular anytime minutes!

From Twitter:

Official Skype: @marcucci it only uses your minute allowance for numbers within the US – international calls and calls to other people on Skype don’t (view)

Marcucci: @skypemobile Yeah, I saw that…I am a skype out/in user and want to use to skype rather than minutes…I’m pretty sure others do too… (view)

Gotcha 2

No WI-FI! I guess Verizon doesn’t want to lose any money by people using the phone on Skype via WI-FI? Yeah, this seems extremely shady to me too. Oh, and I don’t mean no WI-FI use in the app, you can’t even use WI-FI on the phone at all while the app is running!

From Twitter:

Benpike: @skypemobile wait… so I can’t have WiFi on if I’m using the app? That’s just absurd. (view)

Official Skype: @benpike sorry, my bad – on Android, you’ll have to switch off WiFi to use the app. Finding out why. (view)

I wish everyone could have Skype the right way, but I can’t say that this whole fiasco with Verizon and Skype isn’t putting a smile on my face while I wait impatiently for the 3G iPhone app.

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