App Review: PushGmail … know when you’ve got gmail

by Chiyin on Oct 8th, 2009 @ 6:06 pm


Push notification for Gmail is something that a lot of people wanted ever since the launch of the iPhone and the answer to that came a few weeks ago with Gmail introducing Google Sync. This new product from Google allows you to connect to your Gmail inbox, contacts, calendar and get push notification for new messages, appointments, etc. Everything everyone wanted.

So, what does this have to do with PushGmail(iTunes link) you ask? Well, Google Sync uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Protocol, which is essentially like connecting your iPhone to an Exchange Server. And as we all know, the iPhone only allows 1 ActiveSync connection, so what do we do if we are already connecting to an Exchange Server and we want push for Gmail? That’s where this app comes in.

In essence the app does what the name suggests, it notifies you when you get an email in your Gmail inbox. The setup is fairly simple, just type in your account and password and that’s it, you are all done. You’ll get a pop up alert when a new message comes in. The only other option you get is how to view the message when you press the “View” button in the pop up. You can either view it in the app, which basically is the mobile version of Gmail, or you can set it to open the Mail application. However, there’s one flaw with the second option, whenever you click on view instead of opening the actual message it will open the app to the edit new email screen, which is very weird since what you want is to read the new email and not write a new one.

Anyways it does what it’s supposed to… Just close the pop up alert and then open the Mail app directly… and for $0.99 it’s not that bad…

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