Snow Leopard Gold Master leaked…

by Chiyin on Aug 13th, 2009 @ 12:50 pm

OS X Snow Leopard 10A432 Screenshot

Thanks to a tip from a reader, it has come to our attention that Mac OS X Snow Leopard has reached Gold Master status and somehow got leaked… According to Mac4Ever (found through Redmond Pie via Mac Rumors) the leaked build is 10A432 which they are saying is the final version. This seems plausible as we are in mid August and the release is scheduled for sometime in September.

Now, we are not sure if the leaked file is the real thing or not…  I wouldn’t download it, but if you insist in doing it here is the link our tipster sent us… Do it at your own risk… But come on, don’t be a cheapass Snow Leopard is retailing for $29… Just wait for it…

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