App Review: iMetal, only for iPhone 3GS

by Justin Horn on Jul 17th, 2009 @ 5:29 pm

Earlier today I brought up the fact that iMetal (iTunes Link), one of the first (if not the first) iPhone 3GS only app has been released. I honestly was expecting the first 3GS only app to be something taking advantage of the faster CPU and extra RAM, but turns out it was the compass.

iMetal uses the magnetic dector/compass in the iPhone 3GS to measure the surrounding magnetic field. When a metal object is near, this magnetic field changes and iMetal will alert. Impress your friends with your iPhone’s incredible hardware capability.

Only works with iPhone 3GS.

It is an entertainment app so I didn’t really have my exceptions set that high, but it actually kind of works. The biggest downside is that you practically have to be touching the metal object for it to work. It did not work on keys or other small objects. It did work on a pair of nail clippers…most of the time, but it never failed when hovering over my unibody MacBook.

So if you are into gimmicky entertainment apps, this is for you! A lot of other apps in this category are 100% entertainment with no link to reality, but this one is different in that it actually does detect magnetic fields…as long as the phone is within an inch of the metal that is. :)

iMetals-1 iMetals-2 iMetals-3

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