at&t post answers to common “Questions from our Customers”

by Justin Horn on Jun 12th, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

at&t has posted a PDF on their website which answers some common questions they have been receiving from customers. I found 2 question and answers interesting.

First Q&A:

My kids and I are on a FamilyTalk plan. I’m not eligible for an upgrade for iPhone 3G S but one of my kids is upgrade ready. Can I swap lines and take his upgrade eligibility on the 19th? Will I need to start a new two-year service agreement?

Yes, you can rearrange your account to take advantage of your child’s upgrade eligibility – and yes, you will need to sign a new 2-year service agreement.

I honestly didn’t think they would let you do this. I would have assume they would lock a number to an upgrade, but it looks like they will let you use that upgrade on any line of your choosing in the family account.

Second Q&A:

Am I eligible for an upgrade?

Upgrades are based on a number of factors including the outstanding time left on your service agreement, payment history and other factors. Check online, visit our store, or text *639# from your AT&T handset for information about if or when you may be eligible for an upgrade.

I recently wrote a post on how at&t determines your upgrade date. In this post I found that your upgrade date is tied directly your monthly bill. Not sure how much payment history effects it as my girlfriend has paid her at&t bill late more than once and she still has the standard upgrade date based on her monthly bill. I don’t understand why they can’t just come out and tell it like it is?

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