mophie juice pack 3g pre-order?

by Justin Horn on Jul 30th, 2008 @ 10:55 am

UPDATE: Looks like it’s back online for pre-order now

I noticed the new mophie iPhone 3g juice pack on their website yesterday afternoon for $99.95 pre-order (same price as the current version). Although it showed it was available for pre-order you couldn’t select a color so you could not add it to the shopping cart as it would give you an error. I went back a couple hours later to make this post about it and now the page ( is gone.

Here is what I pulled out of my browser cache from the page.

Update: The first picture looks similar to the original juice pack, but not identical.  The side view picture you can see the date is different than the first gen pics.  Also, it looks like it says [3G] in the top left to the right of the wifi icon.

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